Fire Horse CEO: Reasons to invest in Portugal

Mundo Português newspaper publishes the article "Reasons for Investing in Portugal" by Carlos Nunes, CEO of Fire Horse in the 18/9/2020 edition.

18th September 2020.



There are often calls to invest in Portugal, and that the country “continues” to serve as an excellent market for “this and that”.

A market is always in a state of formation, growing and shrinking over time. It is dynamic. Therefore, Portugal is not an excellent market.

The average overall growth rate, being public, is low, the economy is still dependent on public investment (i.e. of the state) and there are still structural deficiencies that have not been addressed for decades of political change.

In such a situation of instability, tax matters have always been a problem for the investor.

So, is it worth investing in Portugal? If you are an agile investor, who wants to get his money back immediately, the answer is: Absolutely not.

On the other hand, if you are interested in exploring Portugal’s vulnerable points and helping strengthen them while making money over time, the answer is: Yes.

Portugal is a safe country and will soon have in its hands the largest financial coverage it has ever held among EU countries.

True, this is government assistance. But if it is given, why not seize the opportunity and use it?

The assistance will not be intended for all types of businesses, much less for those with a quick return. However, the construction sector will be given support like never before.

In addition to this support, we have an economic recovery program designed specifically for the Portuguese Diaspora.

Do you have a good business where you are now? Take care of it. Think now how you can repeat it and set it up in Portugal, if that suits you, you who are reading us now, and to our country, Portugal.

This is, in fact, the only good reason to invest. It is worthy and it is enough.

The challenge is in your hands now.

Carlos Nunes


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