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“Todos nós somos “educados” no entendimento que somos especiais. Na verdade, nenhum de nós é especial, nem no nascimento, nem na morte. Somos, apenas, únicos. O que nos torna especiais é a forma como vivemos e esse facto, sim, pode tornar a Vida única e formar um legado . Gerir património é uma das formas de criar esse legado e de o tornar único. Poder colaborar nessa acção criadora de algo único é o nosso propósito, ao serviço de quem nos escolhe.” 

Carlos Nunes


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Our Company

Fire Horse is a company based in Portugal. It specializes in wealth management and financial support, and its ultimate goal is to provide a quality service that is individually tailored to the needs of its clients so that they can benefit from their investment.

We want you to think of us as your family in Portugal.

Fire Horse is more than a team, Fire Horse is a family, and families, regardless of their disputes, always struggle to overcome difficulties and ultimately, win.

From Fire Horse you can expect results. We do everything to achieve them, in a focused manner, with perseverance and dedication. We will not give up until we reach them.

What and how we do it

Fire Horse is known for its excellence in the treatment provided to its customers. How is this possible? This is possible because we do for you all that is in our hands, without fear of telling you what you often do not want to hear, because only then, at the end of this path, will you smile for letting us guide you towards your victories.

The Fire Horse team is a professional team, with experience in the fields of law, taxation, financing and personal marketing. We are also a multicultural and multilingual team, which allows us to be unique and prominent in our field.

You can count on our dedication and passion regarding what we do for you and your assets.

With Fire Horse you will have exclusive access as well as customized service.

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Fire Horse is based on the following values:

  •  Listen to you so that a “tailor-made” service can be provided.

    • Focus on the goal and find a solution for you.

    • Establish direct and genuine communication.

    • Be loyal and dedicated to you.

    • Provide excellent quality service while maintaining complete confidentiality.

    • Base the professional relationship between us on trust.


Fire Horse strives to be, for those who choose us, the support when dealing with the uncertainty and anguish involved in the decision-making process when it comes to asset management and growth. Only in this way can we move forward together and prosper.


The success of Fire Horse is the mirror of all the trust placed in it by its customers.